Hi there, It’s nice to meet you!


My name is Katherine Hale McNicholas, and I am a real estate agent & enthusiast in the Shenandoah Valley. I am passionate about, (to simply put it) everything – home.


Prior to becoming an agent, I have rented, purchased, and sold real estate in unfamiliar areas…and felt so vulnerable. I wish I had had a guide I trusted when I was looking to buy or sell any of my previous real estate endeavors. Viola!…so I became a REALTOR® and started this blog. I hope to unscramble some of your real estate questions and provide insightful & educational information for you to use when navigating our slice of the real estate market. Feel free to give me a jingle with questions, it would be an honor to chit-chat with you! I can be reached at the information provided below, or through the “Contact Form” on the CONTACT tab…

email – katheartshomes@outlook.com
phone – 540.256.2258
Facebook page – Katherine McNicholas – REALTOR


I currently reside in the quaint city of Waynesboro with my husband and our two children. In addition to monitoring the local real estate market, I am obsessed with interior design, my fantasy football team, and older homes. My heart flutters when I hear the term, “Great bones with potential.”


MrsMcNicholas_portrait copy.jpg

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